Recently, I spent three days at the SYSPRO USA User Conference “Simply Smarter 2016″ where some 600+ SYSPRO customers, partners and company executives converged at the Hilton Anaheim, CA.   In the IT industry, user conferences come in all shapes and sizes; the ERP software giants pack stadiums with many thousands of users and rock star entertainment headliners.   The entrepreneurial start-ups hold tasteful, but meaningful private dinners. Then, like the proverbial Goldilocks venue are the “just right” user conferences, where creativity and fun, product news and productivity, and the promise of “big things to come” is less about mass than it is about class … the right market positioning … and value.

Scott McMaster, Sales Manager SYSPRO, with Judith Rothrock, CEO JRocket Marketing

Scott McMaster, Sales Manager SYSPRO, with Judith Rothrock, CEO JRocket Marketing

SYSPRO is a great example of ‘Just Right’ market positioning.

With 15,000 global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software customers, a 35+ year history of experience and proof points and the original founder still sticking to their original values – I know of no other ERP company that has stood the test of time, commitment, ownership consistency and customer satisfaction, like SYSPRO. For those of you who know me through decades of software marketing leadership, I make this statement from a position of knowledge. I’ve either led executive technology marketing efforts at Ceridian, Hyperion, Lawson, Fujitsu Glovia, UNIT4 and Deltek.  SYSPRO stands alone – it’s the best of past count-on-me values and out-of-the-box new age thinking.

In the coming weeks, I will be reaching out to the IT industry analyst community, to schedule a sneak peek for them with real-life working examples of SYSPRO’s newest ERP solutions that are due for release starting this fall through the next 18 months. I can say without hesitation that SYSPRO is going to stand the ERP community on its head, as it did a few years ago with its bleeding edge ERP mobile solutions. SYSPRO is a JRocket Marketing Analyst Relations client – one that I am particularly proud of – since 2007. It has been my pleasure to work alongside of the U.S. executive team with folks like Brian Stein, CEO; Joey Benadretti, President, and, shown here, Scott McMaster, Sales Manager, as they show how to do ERP solutions the right way.

Be the ‘Just Right’ buyer in your world, whether you are searching for great ERP software or Analyst Relations with great market positioning. It’s not a fairy tale – it’s reality!

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