Market repositioning strategies and follow-through has led Corefino to quadruple its bottom line.

Corefino, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is branded as The Future of 21st Century Accounting™ — a low cost, high-return solution for outsourcing the people, process and technology components tied to routine and/or non-strategic financial activities.

Originally founded in 2004 by CEO Karen Watts, winner of the prestigious “2009 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley,” as a solution for smaller organizations to gain Fortune 500-style accounting capabilities, the company now sells to ‘Strategic CFO’s’ of mid-sized companies. With cost savings of 40% or higher, accounting standard excellence, and the ability to seamlessly unload the people and technology burdens tied to typical accounting solutions, Corefino’s value proposition has gained positive critical acclaim by both CFO’s and the technology analyst community that tracks financial solution tools.

Corefino partners with software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers and had the dual challenge of marketing an unknown, unique solution to conservative CFO buyers who traditionally favor on-premise solution choices. As the firm grew, it became obvious to Karen that they needed to expand its marketing and sales capabilities.

JRocket Marketing was recommended by an industry analyst who had previously observed JRocket’s proven results for more than three dozen global companies. The analyst noted that its founder, Judith Rothrock, offers a highly effective, fast-track solution for companies that desire the immediate firepower of a proven, experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with SVP Sales experience.

Following that recommendation, Ms, Watts met with Judith and reviewed the Plan-IT® service, a 90-day program that delivers a 3-part strategy in one month integrals: a revised business strategy, a 12-month marketing plan, and either hiring or training of marketing execution staff. Karen was immediately impressed with JRocket’s track record and focus on real deliverables.

After researching Corefino’s market space, JRocket recommended five steps in just 30 days of work:

  • Moving Corefino’s buyer target to midsize firms, both to gain higher returns from the monthly subscription model and to better target growing demand in that sector;
  • Creating a 3-part, easily explained People- Place-Platform description of its services;
  • Branding the company as ‘The Future of 21st Century Accounting;
  • Identifying 4 key vertical market sectors;
  • Creating allure/attention to a specific type of CFO buyer – “The Strategic CFO” who desired to become a true partner to CEOs.

“JRocket Marketing has been not only an invaluable resource to bring our sales, marketing and business strategy to the next level, but also a close partner and strategic member of our team. JRocket’s charter with Corefino began with a list of deliverables, but has since delivered unique insights, constructive recommendations and a true spirit of collaboration.”

Karen Watts, CEO, Corefino

Ms. Watts says she was further amazed with the JRocket Marketing Plan and Execution deliverables that delivered a new rebranded collateral system, including analyst commentary within 8-10 weeks. At the end of the Plan-IT® program, Corefino purchased the JRocket Nitro Analyst Relations Program® with additional consulting hours for Judith to serve as the company’s Acting CMO.

Corefino says: JRocket’s insight has doubled its top line and quadrupled its bottom line.

JRocket Marketing

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