New High-Volume Content Service Available for Recurring Social Media or Marketing Campaigns;

‘Cyrano’ Ghostwriting Adds to Rapid Marketing Strategy, Plan Writing and Analyst Relations Services

Jan. 12, 2016JRocket Marketing, a 15-year provider of ‘rocket-fast’ strategic marketing and analyst relations services for enterprise technology vendors, today announced the creation of Cyrano, a new “Ghostwriting as a Service” (GaaS) offering. Cyrano provides JRocket clients with white-label content in a variety of forms that companies can personalize label, logo and release as their own, either for ongoing social media feeds or specific sales-related campaigns.

JRocket Marketing Cyrano - a Ghostwriting-as-a-Service (GaaS)Cyrano is intended to help IT product and solution providers satisfy the new marketing mandate for keeping a constant supply of appropriate news/materials in front of potential buyers/influencers. JRocket Marketing offers two Cyrano GaaS packages: a customer-designed quantity of written elements delivered each month on a pre-determined schedule; or a block of hours/time reserved to cover whatever content needs occur over a customer-specified period. For example, companies may have regularly scheduled blog and press release needs, but may also unexpectedly need a sales campaign white paper to react to a hot trend, a CEO speech for an industry event, or a case history for an urgent PR article, etc.

“JRocket Marketing has established an IT-industry wide reputation for clearly identifying IT industry trends and factoring them into marketing strategies and plans that take our clients where they want to go,” said Judith Rothrock, President of JRocket Marketing. “We reposition companies for rapid growth, IPO’s, or to make them more attractive to buyers. Now with Cyrano, we can help companies to rapidly communicate who they are and what their competitive advantages are to all targeted audiences.”

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