JROCKET Marketing Cyrano

Cyrano White Label Content Service

JRocket Marketing Cyrano - a Ghostwriting-as-a-Service (GaaS)Here at JRocket Marketing we offer a way to augment your team and give voice to your senior people with Cyrano – Ghostwriting As A Service (GaaS) This service provides actionable thought-leadership in the voice of your senior most team.


The JRocket Marketing Cyrano White Label Content Service is a super-fast, high-volume content delivery service that satisfies the new marketing mandate for a constant supply of appropriate news/ materials in front of potential buyers/influencers. There are two choices for Cyrano “ghostwriting as a service” (JRocket – GaaS) packages, both choices are available as a monthly service that can satisfy any corporate/organization’s needs. Clients can select either a customer-designed quantity of written elements delivered each month on a pre-determined schedule, or a block of hours/time reserved to cover whatever content needs occur. For example, companies may have regularly scheduled blog and press release needs, but may also unexpectedly need a sales campaign white paper to react to a hot trend, a speech for an industry event where your CEO is invited, a case history for an urgent PR article, etc.

Contracts can be as short as three months, or a maximum of 12 months at a pre-determined rate.

Customer Benefits:

  • COST-SAVING MARKET RECOGNITION: Leverage the internet, your website and search optimization engines to reach targeted audiences at a small fraction of the cost of advertising or industry sponsorships
  • CREDIBILITY: By using written content, you can showcase your company’s role/executives as industry subject matter experts
  • SALES SUPPORT: Marketing and sales team work in concert to plan for and execute specific targeted campaigns or foster a workflow of continually fresh materials to support full year sales goals
  • WEBSITE OR MATERIALS CONTENT: Populate website pages, submit descriptors for industry awards, provide speeches and powerpoint drafts, etc. faster, more cheaply and using resources with deep industry knowledge and no rewrites necessary


  • Start-Ups/Smaller Companies With Smaller that Want to Optimize Branding with Low-Cost Digital Tactics
  • Mid-Sized Companies Leveraging Digital Marketing for Prospect Lead and Sales Enablement Programs
  • Companies Planning Around Specific Events: i.e. a Launch, an IPO, Sale or Campaign

Typical items from the program might include:

  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Case Histories
  • Speeches
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Direct Mail
  • Multi-Piece Sales/Marketing Campaigns for a specific launch