LIFT OFF: Go-To-Market Strategies from a Top-Level CMO

JRocket Marketing® provides strategic business planning, market positioning, competitive differentiation and influencer services to businesses of all sizes.  Since 2001, we have built a strong reputation for making even complex business products/services easy to understand and appealing for buyers.

Our specialty is working with organizations who are looking to take their business to the next level:  product or service growth, geographic expansion, positioning to attract a business buyer or merger, or optimize appeal to investors.

PROPEL: Your Propulsion to Reaching Top Industry Influencers

Industry influencers/analysts provide a powerful direct channel to the decision makers you are looking to reach. Yet, they are not always easy to reach, and even harder to convince that YOUR solution is worthy of their positive review and coverage.

You need an advocate, someone who has a deep business background and who understands how to package and, introduce your business effectively, and keep the influencers interested on an ongoing basis.  .

ORBIT: The Thought Leadership Challenge: Published Content

Current research around buying behaviors shows that prospects are moving further down the sales pipeline before ever speaking to a sales person.  To make buyer short lists, you need a steady stream of high-quality published content that is targeted to your key decision makers. And, this all-critical brand awareness needs to be delivered regularly to impact the earliest stages of the buyer journey.

At JRocket Marketing we augment your marketing capabilities by giving you the written content that becomes the voice of your senior people. Introducing our Cyrano – Ghostwriting As A Service (GaaS) solution, which can provide actionable thought-leadership articles attributed to your most senior team members.  Our breadth of experience in general business is deep and our writers are former VP and C-Level executives with journalism backgrounds.

If extending the “digital voice” of your executives is part of your overall marketing strategy – we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how JRocket Marketing can help.

What’s Your Mission?

We are specialists helping foreign and domestic companies launch into the US market.

We provide world-class business and marketing strategy services that will rocket your business!

Rocket stages in Your Business: Lift Off with JRocket Marketing
Rocket stages in Your Business: Propel with JRocket Marketing
Rocket stages in Your Business: Orbit with JRocket Marketing