JRocket Marketing

JRocket Marketing is a highly effective, low-cost, fast-track solution for companies that desire the immediate firepower of a proven, highly-experienced Chief Marketing Officer with SVP Sales experience to tackle specific business objectives.

Meet our Commander . . . 

Judith Rothrock, CEO JRocket Marketing

Judith M. Rothrock

President, JRocket Marketing

Judith M. Rothrock, a 20+ year marketing executive and the winner of more than 10 U.S. and international marketing awards, has repeatedly proven to that the difference between technology marketing leadership and technology marketing failure is “know how.” Her reputation for setting or repositioning marketing/staffs and budgets to achieve optimal results in accelerated time periods is well-known within the tech industry, and led to her successful launch of JRocket Marketing in 2001. Her client base to date has included UNIT4, SYSPRO U.S., Deltek, Arbitron, Fujitsu GloviaMeridian Systems…and several dozen more emerging technology vendors, many of whom have doubled and tripled their performances after working with her.

Ms. Rothrock is the former corporate head of marketing for several divisions of Ceridian, Hyperion, Lawson Software and Prescient Markets (purchased by Sungard) – where she was also SVP of Sales. She was educated as a journalist at Seton Hall University, trained by editors at The New York Times, Daily News and Gannett, and preceded her marketing career with six years reporting experience and three years experience serving global accounts for a large NYC-based PR agency.

JRocket Marketing is headquartered in The Colony, TX, and offers CMO, analyst relations and ROI-rich collateral systems.

Judith is many things to her clients:

  • zealous in her advocacy for them
  • exceptionally knowledgeable of the software markets they inhabit
  • driven to deliver rapid, on-target branding
  • fun

We go back a long ways but in every software vendor setting I’ve encountered her in, she always puts the vendor on the map. Results often get a lot of lip-service in marketing but Judith delivers for her clients/employers. Ask virtually any analyst in the tech space – they know Judith and they definitely know the vendors she supports.

Brian SommerPresident, TechVentive

Why Marketing Executive experience in the enterprise IT world matters

Judith Rothrock of JRocket Marketing is a great example of why Marketing Executive experience in the enterprise IT world matters.  Having had the perspective of functioning successfully as a VP/CMO for several enterprise software/service leaders, she helped us year after year quickly identify the most important positioning opportunities for us in the market against our competitors.  Her strategic positioning services are a great resource for companies as they provide a critical outside, seasoned point of view to identify your best opportunities to cut through competitive noise and stand out.  We highly recommend JRocket Marketing for companies who are looking to reposition their offerings more successfully.

Brian SteinCEO, SYSPRO U.S.