JRocket Marketing Nitro® Analyst Relations Service

Nitro is the brainchild of a proven tech sector CMO who is recognized as the first marketing head to group technology industry analysts in forums and panels to discuss key industry topics.

JRocket Marketing Nitro® targets one of the most neglected and “botched” areas of technology marketing: the courting/convincing/utilization of key industry technology influencers who yield prospect leads, produce industry reports and can overall help or hurt the market presence of tech vendors.

JRocket Marketing Nitro includes:

  • A minimum of six quality “live” or Webcast meetings between analysts and key client executives per quarter.
  • Ongoing dialogue of client successes communicated via e-mails, telephone or in-person meetings by JRocket Marketing’s principal.
  • The structure/draft of the overview PowerPoint presentation to be used with industry analysts.
  • Review/input/editing of all analyst-targeted materials, deliverables.
  • Work with industry analysts to gain quotes for press releases, websites and other materials.
  • Participation as a moderator in conjunction with analysts in vendor-sponsored webinars.

See webinar conducted by JRocket Marketing for SYSPRO US:

“Driving ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Value Through Power Tailoring”
Paul D. Hamerman, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc.

Brian Stein

Get on the IT Analyst Community Radar

JRocket Marketing is a great solution for IT companies that have great technology but who need to get on the radar of the IT analyst community to build third-party presence and endorsements. We have worked with their principal Judith Rothrock for more than 12 years and observed first-hand the deep relationships she has with technology analysts.  Our presence with this important influencer community skyrocketed overnight:  we were listed favorably in market ranking documents that we had never appeared in before AND we were the subject of dozens of reports each year showcasing our newest capabilities and products.

Brian SteinCEO, SYSPRO U.S.

Industry analysts continually reinforce JRocket Marketing know-how in presenting its well-run Grape Escape analyst meetings:

“Sleeping with the Fishes at Grape Escape: Thoughts on New SYSPRO and Apparancy Announcements
Nick Castellina , Research Director, Aberdeen Group

Customer Benefits

  • INSTANT AWARENESS:   JRocket Marketing has been interfacing with hundreds of industry analysts over a 25 year period. The positive relationships built over this period automatically accrue to JRocket customers and open the door to meetings that would not otherwise be possible without significant analyst research spend.
  • CREDIBILITY: Reports and blogs produced as a result of the meetings JRocket Marketing sets up are seen by millions of readers and can be linked to on vendor websites. They may also be purchased as PDF’s for specific sales/branding purposes.
  • OPERATIONAL INPUT: Analysts automatically provide feedback after/during vendor presentations that can make you aware of competitive actions, buyer preferences and areas of opportunity that may not be well addressed elsewhere.
  • PR/AR CONNECTION: Analyst quotes resulting from materials produced by the analysts can fuel press releases and other outbound press/reporter outreach.
  • DEAL REFERRALS: Prospects frequently contact analyst firms for recommendations.


  • Companies Looking to Grow More Rapidly or Compete More Effectively
  • Non-U.S. Headquartered Companies Entering the U.S. Market
  • Start-Ups or Smaller Companies that Want to Get Noticed
  • Pre-IPO Companies that Need A Wider Spectrum of Market Visibility
  • Pre-Sale Companies that Need Buyer Interest
  • Turn-Around Focused Companies that Need their New Actions Recognized
  • Newly Merged Companies that Need Better Understanding of the Combined Solution
  • Companies Facing a Unique One-Time Event that Need Special Coverage
Video: Karen Watts, CEO & Founder, Apparancy and Michael Fauscette, GVP, Software Business Solutions, IDC developed by JRocket Marketing Nitro

Video: Karen Watts, CEO & Founder, Apparancy and Michael Fauscette, GVP, Software Business Solutions, IDC developed by JRocket Marketing Nitro

JRocket Marketing Nitro's Grape Escape Analyst Event

JRocket Marketing Founder Judith Rothrock greets Technology Evaluation Center analysts Nasser Tehrani and Mehdi Aftahi at one of her renowned Grape Escape® Analyst events.  This one was held in Chicago and featured a gangster theme, drawing more than two dozen leading industry analysts who reported and blogged on news announced by JRocket Marketing clients.

JRocket Marketing's Judith Rothrock with Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras

Judith Rothrock with Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras at a JRocket Marketing event in Boston.