JRocket-Fast, Effective Marketing Solutions

JRocket Marketing Solutions is a highly effective, low-cost, fast-track platform for companies that desire the immediate firepower of a proven, highly-experienced Chief Marketing Officer with SVP Sales experience to tackle specific business objectives.

JRocket Marketing - moon rocket2JRocket Marketing offers three marketing solutions:

  • JRocket Marketing 90-Day Plan-IT®

    – a highly-optimized 90-day marketing system that includes your marketing strategy and marketing plan.

  • JRocket Marketing 60-Day Mission Control™

    – a team-building service that includes the training and/or hiring of the marketing plan implementation team.

  • JRocket Marketing Nitro®

    – a 12-month analyst relations program that leverages the deep entrenched relationships and experience of JRocket Marketing’s principal with leading industry tech analysts.

  • JRocket Marketing Cyrano

    – a way to augment your team and give voice to your senior people with Cyrano – Ghostwriting As A Service (GaaS). This service provides actionable thought-leadership in the voice of your senior most team.

Our Reputation

JRocket Marketing has established an IT-industry wide reputation for clearly identifying IT industry trends and factoring them into marketing strategies and plans that take our clients where they want to go. With our marketing solutions selection, we can reposition companies for rapid growth, IPO’s, or to make them more attractive to buyers.

Rocket stages in Your Business: Lift Off with JRocket Marketing
Rocket stages in Your Business: Propel with JRocket Marketing
Rocket stages in Your Business: Orbit with JRocket Marketing