JRocket Marketing 60-Day Mission Control

A team-building service that includes the training and/or hiring of the marketing plan implementation team.

JRocket Marketing - moon rocketWhat you’ll get:

  • 50 hours per month for two months of either marketing team training (can include some in-person days) to teach items like: how to build a press release queue, how to build an analyst PowerPoint presentation, how to execute analyst meetings, how to create a scenario demo, how to set up and run a Customer Advisory Board etc.; or
  • 50 hours per month for two months of hiring key marketing players to execute the plan; or
  • A combination of the two requirements above, totaling the full 100 hours.

We’ve made many dozens of hiring recommendations for companies, eliminating the expensive recruiting component by using social media and our very deep IT analyst connections, recommendations, referrals. We’ve taught many more companies how to do key marketing plan tactics that would otherwise require months or years of experience.

This is a VERY cost-effective and rocket-fast way to give your marketing team a fast launch of your new strategy!