JRocket Helps SYSPRO Focus on New Mid-Market ERP Opportunities

SYSPRO USA is a world-wide marketer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. To compete more effectively, the ERP vendor wanted to upgrade its marketing strategy and correct false assumptions about its technology.

SYSPRO also sought a better relationship with industry analyst and market influencers for both PR and sales purposes. Based on a strong recommendation from a leading industry analyst, SYSPRO turned to JRocket Marketing.


JRocket Marketing’s CEO Judith Rothrock performed a PLAN-IT® service engagement to review and revamp the 30 year-old company’s positioning.  As part of the standard exercise, Judith leveraged her decades-long relationships with the world’s top analysts from IDC, Forrester, Technology Evaluation Centers and Gartner, plus multiple others. After identifying the SYSPRO’s core differentiators, repositioning the company’s messaging and driving this messaging home through briefings, roadshows and webinars, SYSPRO began receiving dozens of accurate, positive reviews from the world’s leading enterprise influencers.


Judith also developed a highly successful, marketing program built around the genius of Einstein.  Through a series of carefully orchestrated Einstein-themed product and technology positioning exercises, and market surveys to back up SYSPRO’s key messages, SYSPRO began to increase both its brand awareness.  It also began to gain ground by regularly beating he industry ERP giants in head-to-head deals … and even replaced them in embedded installs!


JRocket further designed a series of six unique “Power Bundles” to streamline and help SYSPRO focus marketing on key business processes and drive operational efforts that reduce costs and boost profits. Some of the key factors introduced are:

  • Speed of implementation
  • Scalability
  • Cost
  • Advancement of Lean manufacturing
  • Interoperability

“Not many people have the same tenacity and passion that Judith brings to the table, this energy propels everything that she is involved in”

SYSPRO U.S. Executive Team


 Another highly successful JRocket initiative was a strategic plan to focus the company’s well-established mid-market production capabilities on four fast-growth market segments: Food, Medical Device, Electronic Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors. SYSPRO particularly liked Judith’s strong attention on key vertical market issues, which repeatedly proved to assist SYSPRO in achieving better market definition in the above segments.

JRocket Marketing


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