JRocket Marketing 90-Day Plan-IT®

The best of both worlds – an experienced CMO as a short-term hire.

90-Day Plan-IT delivers a full go-to-market strategy, optimized market positioning and a 12 month plan to help you to accomplish any of the following:

  • IPO-prepping market positioning/planning
  • Buyer-attracting market positioning/planning
  • Post-Merger blended market positioning/planning
  • Post-Reorganization market positioning/planning
  • Major corporate or product launch/re-launch market positioning/planning

We have done this exercise successfully – accomplishing our clients IPO/Sales/Growth objectives – more than 75 times – and at a fraction of the cost of hiring/keeping a full time marketing executive or long-term external marketing agency.  You’ll save big money, gain a “back of the business card” way to describe your company, and optimize your core advantage over your competition.


The JRocket Marketing 90-Day Plan-It ® Program provides fast hard deliverables that completely launch (or re-launch) your marketing initiative, including messaging and planning, all within three months. There is no guessing, no experimenting and no mistakes typical of companies trying to “figure it out” as they go along. Your strategy and marketing plan of attack will be completely vetted by industry leaders and influencers who (because of their advance buy-in), will embrace, endorse and help your strategy. What’s more, gaps in your marketing team’s capabilities, will be addressed and planned for to ensure that not only is the strategy right, the budget workable, but also that you have the right tactical players/training to execute efficiently and accurately.

If the program is followed, clients typically see major business impact in terms of market recognition and sales funnel volume within 12-18 months.

What you will get with 90-Day Plan-IT

  • Marketing Strategy:  Approximately a 100 page PowerPoint document with analysis of your market, your products, your internal perceptions/challenges/opportunities, plus external perceptions from customers and IT analysts. This presentation will tell you what you need to do to adjust/optimize your go-to-market playbook and will give you a corporate positioning (including an easy to remember tagline/slogan and key points on your competitive advantage appropriate for all core audiences.
  • Marketing Plan: Approximately 80 page word document geared to executing specific marketing tactics against a specific budget and naming who (internally or externally) can execute these tactics against a specific budget number you provide.  This document includes examples on how to do each of the tactics, leverages some core content deliverables from analysts who cover your market space, and negotiates proposals/contracts for external costs to make the budget work optimally to accomplish the Marketing Strategy.


Tactical focus on …

  • Powerful corporate or product launches
  • Optimized prospect/influencer/media awareness
  • Repositioning to leverage hot industry trends
  • Preventing external PR/advertising/marketing service overcharging (and lax deliverables!)

Customer Benefits

  • SPEED: Faster, vetted analysis of your company’s current marketing messaging/ positioning relative to your competitors and industry trending/preference.
  • OPERATIONAL INPUT: Identification of opportunities/problems in tandem operational areas that aid/hinder efforts.
  • PR/AR SCOPE: Proven publicity techniques/methodology to gain branding traction.
  • OUT-OF-THE BOX THINKING: Hard-hitting, differentiatable messaging and marketing options that are not the typical rehashing of current internal thinking.


Companies Looking to Grow More Rapidly or Compete More Effectively

  • Non-U.S. Headquartered Companies Entering the U.S. Market
  • Start-Ups or Smaller Companies that Want to Get Positioning “Right” vs. Trial and Error
  • Pre-IPO Companies that Need Market Visibility
  • Pre-Sale Companies that Need Buyer Interest
  • Turn-Around Focused Companies that Need Repositioning
  • Newly Merged Companies that Need Marketing Cohesion
  • Companies that have Stalled or Confusing Marketing Messaging

“I have personally watched JRocket Marketing package, re-package and/or re-name technology solutions, services and companies into exciting brands that compel buyers to action and have the ‘stickiness’ or staying power that stand the test of time. Whether yours is a 30 year old company needing fresh marketing — or a start-up that has only one chance to get it right — I haven’t seen any other marketing company do it faster, better or more accurately than JRocket.”

Cindy JutrasPrincipal, Mint Jutras

“Judith is known in the enterprise technology world for identifying the unique differentiating quality within an application software solution and developing memorable positioning for it and her clients.”

Brian SommerPresident and Founder of TechVentive
JRocket Marketing’s Judith Rothrock with Brian Sommer, President and Founder of TechVentive

JRocket Marketing’s Judith Rothrock with Brian Sommer, President and Founder of TechVentive

Judith Rothrock with Brian Stein, CEO Syspro US

Judith Rothrock with Brian Stein, CEO SYSPRO US, current client and benefits from JRocket’s Plan-IT