New Small Business Option: 5-Hour Monthly CMO Service

Introducing JRocket Marketing’s NEW! 5-Hour Monthly CMO Service.


JRocket Marketing has a new CMO service option for small businesses that want to work with a high-caliber CMO professional as needed and for a manageable fee… $1K monthly for 5 hours. JRocket Marketing has experience in many areas critical to a business such as:

  • PR/Marketing Advice from senior exec level marketing executive proven at multiple co’s, industries
  • IPO, company sale, merger, channel, partner and international experience
  • Fast, accurate, effective writing for proposals, sales/marketing campaigns & communications, website/brochure/blog content, press releases
  • Contact/Interface with industry/trade group influencers

3 5-Hour Monthly CMO Service Contract Options:

  • 3 months, $1K/month, 15 total hours
  • 6 months, $1K/month, 36 total hours (1 hr. month/bonus)
  • 12 months, $1K/month, 78 total hours (1.5 hr. month/bonus)

Meet our Commander:

Judith M. Rothrock, President JRocket Marketing

For further information, contact Judith Rothrock at the following information.

T: 972.294.5100  |

JRocket Marketing 5-Hour CMO Service for Small Businesses

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